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Clippings are an easy way to keep track of interesting things you find on Lansing State Journal.

To clip an article, select the "Clip" button in the Viewer, move and resize the clipping box around the item you want to clip, and, if you want, add a title and tags to the clipping.

Clippings on Lansing State JournalMy Clippings/All Clippings tabs on Lansing State Journal

Save things you like

Once you've clipped something, it is saved to your clippings list, where you can easily find it again. Just select the "Clippings" link at the top of the page. You can also get to this list by clicking your member name in the upper right of the page and then selecting "My Clippings."

From your clippings list, you can view your own clippings (under “My Clippings”) or public clippings made by other members (“All Clippings”). Use filters to narrow down the clippings that appear on the list.

Share interesting stories you find

You can easily share public clippings by email or on Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites. When you share a public clipping, other people can see the image even if they don't subscribe to™.

Privacy settings

By default, clippings you make are "public" (other people will see what you've clipped on the “All Clippings” tab, in search, or on your profile). You can hide your clippings from the public with the privacy settings found on the “Clipping Settings” page under “Account Details,” or through the “Edit” option on each individual clipping.