Oldsmobile Men and City Transport Girls Win State Softball Titles

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Oldsmobile Men and City Transport Girls Win State Softball Titles - Oldsmobile Men and City Transport Girls Win...
Oldsmobile Men and City Transport Girls Win State Softball Titles COCHRANE ABOUT READY TO ADMIT HIS TIGERS WILL WIN AMERICAN LEAGUE FLAG TIGERS REGISTER Believe It or Not By Robert L. Ripley They Take Twin Bill from White Sox, 6-1, and Heading East ROWE, AUKER SPARKLE; It the in DETROIT, Sept. 3 OP) The De- num- i trolt Tigers, who Increased their lead 'over the second-place New York Yan- kees to nine pames with a doublt- Is btmllti noday wW Mondav, ive as Tuesday night for their flna! swing to 'around the eastern circuit, his They open a five-game scries Wed- ! nesday at Philadelphia, then go to New York for five games and wind up with did four contests in Boston, returning to he 1 Navln field September 21 for their last home star.a oi ine regular reason, a i three-game set-to with the St. Louis Browns. And Manager Mickey Cochrane. In who m was in Art you the All-Amcrlran Satur-dnv. his any by last who refrained from optimistic predictions until the last. Is about ready to admit that his club Is "in" the world series. "If the gang plays as It can p'.ay. we ought to be able to sew the thing up In the first nine days." Cochrane said as he packed his gear for the eastern trek. "If they want to. they can go out and clinch the thing. But if they get careless, get to believe they're good and all that sort of stuff, we may find ourselves In a battle before the season closes." he continued. "If I have anything to do with It. we 11 win in a hurry." he added. The Bengal set the Chicago While Sox down "in a hurry'' Monday. A 'scratch hit robbed I.ynwood Sehool-Iboyi Rowe of his third consecutive I shutout In the morning contest, which ! the Tigers won, 6 to 1. Elden Aukcr did achieve a shutout In the afternoon ' contest, blanking the Sox. f to 0. Rowe Help Own Cause I Rcwc's own home run In the fourth :lth Billy Rogcll on the base paths because of a v.a'k would have bcn 'enough to win the first game behlfid his five-hit pitching. But his mates combined five other lilts off Johnny Whitehead, the White Sex rookie, with 'four mere walks and two Chicago errors to run their total to six . The Srhtxlboy s control was a fea-1 ture of one of his best performances ! Ras-, 0f the year. He fanned four and was ( trl- i behind only two batters, one of whom 1 i received his only base on balls. White- I j head lasted until the sixth, when he I fard leave way to Salveson, who hurled two' I scoreless Innings. i de- The Tigers slammed Sad Sam Jones was and Phelps, who relieved him during I he 1 the last two lnnlr.es. for 10 hit In the j Ras-1. econd game behind Auker's seven-puttn i hit pitching. I for Pete Fox. who hit a home run with ' ' two cn and a brace of singles, with' drop-1 which he drove In a fourth counter, Iliad a perfect afternoon. Auker's own I single accounted for another of the i I TUer tallies. ! Ala. I The victories were the 17th of the I in '.Mason for Hone and the 15th for! drew1 Auker, who is second oniv to Johnny in Allen of the New York Yankees lii ' I the American league pitching Dcr- eentagos. Mornlni Game CHICACn DFTPniT AB II O A AH H O A SELL JxJ IS A SALESMAN FROM SALESVIlLE.Te A tAHTH00K CAN HOeK jl ' A FLUKE WiTM Mfc '"' ' V - YL bxowv scales on ft jjjk j .AV II )Ja both sues A'SjYrtttllvik Vvfl-ll LLLl SAARTlN NE.UR0T yTT ijtS 5 TT- tTr ' j f Corey WanA.N I fizfSjlfSl J Si ( M t, 1 1 till ' Hi V 'Hc n ill if 21. ... cTA BUILT ONlHttXTSICEOF ThEbtttPLEl CHURCH CF CXJR SAVIOR Copf nhacen Dcnm.vk OSCAR LENZ WINS Laifden to Probe 'Weak Side For New Yards This Season TOURNAMENT TITLES State Journal Trophy Goes to Local Rider Who Beats Fast Field 'This Is the first of a series of r- tides or. football propc:s at Iead:nr I urmersities and colleges for the 1935 j season. i TO USING TEAMS By WILLIAM WEEKES SOUTH BEND. Ind . Sept. 3 i.-P- mistie as even coaches ever become. is not particu'.arly worried over his backs. The line problem, however. " has him guessing. Only Wayne Mill- Arcnie Tarpoff in Brilliant Form RAY TURSKY IS THIRD to Help Sweep Team Through Tests VANS HANDED DEFEAT Lansirjt teams Tuesday wore the an end. ar.d Tackle Joe Michuta. ol the five hr.emrn Laycirn had. Elmer Layden has about decided he planned on. are bark Captain-elect; will have to take some liberties with Joe Sullivan died last March. Jacki the Notre Dame football system hand- Robinson was declared ineligible for: ed down by Knute Rockrie. this sea- having played Jive minutes of a "B" son. team game in 1931 Bill Smith, a I Faced with as tough a schedule as veteran guard, was lost through ill-Oscar C. Lenz. Lansing pilot, was any Irish squad has dared, and un- J ness. Iini. K nn(innl mar ri. thm.lB evnnctpHlv HMrl VPri nf fQV n,1 U'hniTl ! "VP hftVP P OOH hrlclfS " IjiVrim Sltld. Tuesday as the result of a brilliant he had counted. Layden contemplates I "but they can't get anywhere unless : softba.l championship crowns, of Mich- victory scored In the two-day Jack further development of a "weak side ' we can patch up the line The loss it.au. Pine motorcvele run which finished attack. Almost without exception, of Sullivan. Robinson and Smith up- After a difficult four-day grind in Monday night after two days of com- Notre Dame s great teams of the past set most of my plans which a half hundird teams na-i 1 petition through northern Michigan ran most of their plays to the right. "We not only lost a great tackle ' ' . i v - over a trail of more than 530 miles. with the left halfback carrying the when Sullivan died, but our spark- ratea. the o.dsmobile Six men s team In winning Lenz finished with 994 ball. plug as well. We will have to find an J"' City Transport girls survived points out of a possible 1.000. He was, ' Last year, however, when the ortho- j a now leader, which will bo as hard uniie.eated but six minutes off schedule for the dox attack failed to function consist-; as filling in the uncertain spots in the Arch.e I"ai poff pitched the Oldsmo- entirc two-day journey through the entlv. Lavden switched, shooting more lino " t0 fl,,,r shutout victories m twisting trails over the rough roads plavs to the left. The result was that! The schedule September 28. Kan-:';ve Smes. and was going stronger as nf nnrthpam Mirhipan The tr-nl 1 a rieht halfback. Georse Melinko-'sas at Notre Dame: October 5. at "'urnameni eiosea. He turned led from Lansing to Oscoda and re turn. In second place, only one point be vlch, did more running and less block-, Carnegie Tech: October 12. at Wis- W'k vaugnan Battery of Lansing ing and became the team's leading consin: October 19. Pittsburgh at "noui a nit in the final game be-ground gainer and scorer. Laydcn's ; Notre Dame; October 26. Navy at f"rc nearly 4 000 fans a Ranney park hind the u-lnrr wa Pari Rohinsnn I vouneer brother. Mike, as Melinko-' Baltimore: November 2. at Ohio State: i Monday night uhiio ni a TurtW nf vlrh's first, undprstudv. camp In fori November 9. Northwestern at Notre' 1 ""' ruinarnson of Saginaw. a share of the honors, and Is likely to be even better this year. Layden. although about as pessi- Dnme; York; November November forma at Notre Dame. T ourney Notes '.ID IE Madison, Wis., the defending champion, was In third place with 989 points, five behind the winner. Dan Raymond of Muskegon. a former champion, tied with Rog Egeberg. Minneapolis. Mnn., for fourth place; with 984 points. i To Lenz goes the Stat Journal trophy and the famous cow bell. He j will keep the Journal trophy perma-' nently but must return the bell next' year when the riders rally again. Aj . ,h. wealth of other prizes and trophies ' K ; went to those who competed in the packed Ranney park to see the finals various events. Jot the Michigan State softball tourna- T TTnlW of Alrrrm SnVicti The run drew the most represent- mcnt. In an effort to keep warm fans iveuy OI AKron ourjisu alive field in the 13th year of its took advantage of every opportunity to history. There were entries from such , ,, , . ,v,.j, distant points as Louisiana. Alberta. ; cxerclse their vocal chords. Can., and one sidecar passenger. Ed-j ward Laming, registered from Brazil ! One of the Softball's main fortes is Off.cials worked until 3 o'clock color. There was color galore at Ran- lucsaay morning cnecKing me rnanj ..... nark Monriav nicht. T.1(. city tutes for Vaughn in Bout Here Thursday Jaikie i Kui i Kelly of Akron. O. pitched mas- Army at New.'rm" bail lor city Transport, pitching Southern Call- tnroe same within 24 hours against strong opposition, and winning all three The Transport girls nosed out Oldsmobtie, 7 to 6. in the championship battle. The tournament finals became an All-Lansing affair Monday afternoon iWhen Oldsmobile eliminated the Chevrolet Standards of Saginaw. 1 to 0. and Vaughan rallied to beat Norge of j Muskegon. 3 to 2. The girls' semi- i finals included all Ijuismg teams, the result of four victories over outside opposition in the cuiartcr finals Sunday night. i Vans eliminated T ft W r.rn- ht SlRENIAN MANAT0S HUMAN-LIKE FISH CAUGHT at ADEN, Arab'.a , EXPLANATION OF YESTERDAY'S CARTOON SUNSHINE ON TWO DAYS SIMULTANEOUSLY The Bering strait, which connects the Arctic and Pacific oceans, narrows down to a mere 56 miles acra-s where one can ret from Cape Prince of Wales on the American shore to East Cape (Deshnev) In Asia. Almost exactly in the middle of the strait are two small islands, Nunar-book and Ignalook. known as the Diomede Islands, which are but one mile apart, yet Nunarbook is in Russian Siberia and Iunali ok belongs to the United States. The international date line, as well as the international boundary, runs between the islands. When it is Sunriav in lun.V.ook it is Mondav in Nunarbook. yet the sun rises, shines all day, and sets on both spots at exactly the same time. TOMORROW: -THE 1 IDE OF KANSAS" City Transport eliminated the last of the favored teams Monday morn-ling when they defeated VanDcrvoort ! hardware, city ehan-.pu ns. !) to 7 In the other girls' semi-final Mary KIIcu lather thun Jimmy Vaughn of C'.eve- , McKeon turned in a two-hit pit- lilng score sheets brought in by the offi- j Transport performers were resplendent land. O. will meet Wes ltamey here In porfcimance in hurling Oldsmobile to (.mi acuitLs. i m tnejr grav and red uniforms that ' iu-iuunu iikihwcihiu uoxmg uoui o i u nu;i uu-r uie American Riders had perfect weather for the 011pret; a Vlvid contrast to Oldsmobtle's Thursday nUlit at the Prudden audi-1 Legion, two days. They reported the trail oran,.e an(j white outfits Vaughan torium. Veterans eif Foreign Wars,! The final battle for the girls' rham-was easier than it has been in recent BaUerv was decked out in flaming sponsors of the show which is to lead pionship was a more thrilling contest years and this combined with the ideal rp(1 un'i(orrns while the Olds team wore ' ",f R Homecoming Week celebration than the men s game. Transport conditions made for excellent scoring. piam Due uniforms with red caps. '-"r three days, announced the change t.:ok a lead In the first, the score was The overnight stop at Van Eltan . . ' i Tuesday. 'tied at 5-all in the thlid. oidsm.ii! lake, near Oscoda, was praised by all.' T1 ...fre Vauehan team bolted Enforced substitution of Kelly for icad in the fourth ar.d In the fifth hi's gave Trar.spMt Suska ruled that LaPratt short field- 1111 u 11 1;1 a ir.uiwng ooiu own- uir n nu un y inaiiuauieo to me en Thirty-five riders finished the run.:from tl)p dugout when Umpire Stan ' Vau.!hn lame wl.cn the latter frar-: three successne I an unusually high percentage of the Suska ruled that LaPratt. short field-; tured a hand in a tr.uiung lmt Sun- the lead they mat 61 that started The complete summary follows NATIONAL CHAMPION Oscar C. FRED PERRY BEATS nimrn unnin j-ir w rAHKtll HIUIU; i 1 I 9 0 1 0 4 3 (I White .cf C Cofh-snr r. 1 (iihr fir.2h 2 (Irernh p. lb S OiO.n. 11 . . . 1 F'nc.rt 1 Omen Jh e. n--ce:i t . . 0 Ron e.p . . . 1 4 e ! 5. 4io: ; 6aivtsor..p. 10 0 0 33 9 34 11 Tnuls 31 : 11 Onlnn.cf P:n.monn.ll Flsch- ',' ,"211 ' ! Aip:in.. "'."k.I'ii! 4 ' vvnirrtrn.rf 3 state sv;i.r 3 '?,"h d P J .TotaTi . 'rhu-n iDetroit ..'..'.'..'. 1 Rn, -Bniira Hi: White 5 Gfh-:rer n rii 2 Hoe Errots Pt b 1. "" billed in oehnrser 2 Rom j. o. v .tt. ' ::":.f"oc!,''-- Whinton. T.o-b.se hus r. c . , r- u .... ... 1- TS I1.U1 . .tT.5 ta-e- rhirito 5 netroit 7' nf o'h:.;. retained'1, '!' LV," i 1 h'id 2 H.t -o:f whuehead ;n c Cole,?,?;""'11 " 5 inniBev I."sin pnrher Time-i"". l'ml"r"-'" "I " Champion Shows Rare Form As He Goes Through Match After Protesting AMI.RK AN Detroit ... stt York Oveland ( hicago . . FnMon ... Wa'hir.glcn I'lolatli iplua LOUli ... TrxtAV O 8 W:r. I NATIONAL IEAGIE W L Pet. G B. Today V:n Lose .nofl 000 .10 1 3 11 too 1 6-8. ( Artemftftn riimet CHICAOO DETROIT AR II O A AH H O rorlinrt 4 0 2 0 White rf 10 2 FOREST HILLS. N. Y.. Sept. 3 iTi - Frar.kip IV.rker succ.imbrd to Fred st Perry In straight sets Monday in the men's national singles tennis cham- ptonsl.p and the after-effects of his Philadelphia' defeat are ft It mostly by the United States Lawn Tennis association Tuesday. Parker went down. ti-4. 6-2. ti-0. in a fourth-round match which saw the defending champion, peeved because he was made to play In a chill, wet atmeisphcre. go "all out" in the last two sets and give one of the fin- ever turned in here For two years Parker has been one of the association's hright your.g hope-; fills. He's ore cf the your.gesters the DrT. I t L. 1. A. is counting on to wret tiie International Davis up from England's Perry and "Bunny" Austin In Perry's opinion it is very doubtful if Parker will ever grow up to cup stature. "I never hard of anybody who got .n 44 B54 .St. toais 79 47 S27 630 .622 73 S2 .584 9 .-New York ...76 48 913 2 65 61 .516 17'a 520 f.J ChKuo 79 52 603 2'j .63 62 5t'4 19 Pitt st'.trsh ..74 58 561 8 .564 5f 64 64 5C0 IS', : Brooklvn . . 58 68 .460 21 54 73 425 29 'Philadelphia 54 71 432 24 1 2 51 71 .418 29'4 . . . .. 'CliseinuaU .. .' 74 .431 j 50 76 .397 3iU . 394 Holloa 33 81 .266 4o W:n l ne Prrak : Wir. I o'e Break Tuolwn tet:: Tap Two Even S.J1 .575 it.3 Sew York '. 619 .603 .611 -1-7 411 Ait Philadelphia 441 .425 .433 Len7. Lansing. 994 points. t lasa A Solo 1- Farl Roblnscn. S.imr.aw. 993 2- Pav A, Ttir'kv. M.1111.S011. Wis.. 989. 3- H 'rvev A Ilia'e. F'n d'l.ac. Wis, 986 4- Dan I) Raymond. Miokfdon. 985. Rog tncorrg. Minneapolis. Minn.. 5 riav WanleM.. Il.iv cltv. 9J-"4. Al Skrelnnas. S.iclnaw. 9B2. 7 lirnee Walters. Peoria. 111. 981. 8 Don P. Kr.ilt. Nrw Haven. Conn.. 9 Adclph lenialre. Detroit. 9:17. 10- Paul Knth, Col'.imhus O.. 955. 11 Ti'i Konrcnv. SiKinaw. 949. 12 ly!e Pole. Por.tiae. 945 13 -E If. Turskv. Fond 1I11 lac. Wis., 14 Lyie Tnoinp on. Rorklord, 782. Miles Finished 15 - Ed Moodv. Wr.orthavrn. L.I.N Y 1C- John p.inrls. liitlle CTerk. 355. Piiul Z:i:.ic HlplJanri IVrk. 35. 17 -Tum lirrtlliiin. S.tiiii aw. 303 18- J;tli:es S Pollock. Flint. 238. 19 Waller Anavlch. Flint. 128. 20- FTltz Trske. J.icl:on. 62. 21 John (irp. C'oiiKiibtis. ) . 10. C'lasi B Solo INnvlrel 1 - Rrd Paulsen. WaMonpton, D. 2- llot VValtir.'-. O.ile'ljur. 111.. 3- Joht:ie P,vn rs. Milmaikee. v er. caught Thomas' line smai.h in the J" immixiuueiy contacted i'ro- ine 1111:11 iuiiio mr tne mens cliaui- niiith inning. Tempers ran high for a motor I)wi;:ht barker who started ; pionship was a hltiess buttle until the few minutes, but Suska settled the -search for another boxer. His choice fifth, when hits by Cherry. Maiircr and argument bv conferring with the two K lly was made late Monday. 'Sherman scored the only run. Chtrty other umpires. Thev apparently ruled; "I a" Piioii. llv it the opinion that made another hit 111 the seventh, hut, that LaPratt did not hold the ball long wc have a bctfr fight than as '"' was the extent of ti.eir arcom- enoueh to make the ntitout. The offi- thcuuh Vmighn had bi en available ", phshments against Jimmy Dyer, who 985 rial scorer gave LaPratt an error on. Barker said. T kn w Kelly to b a n-a only three runs counted against the play. 'strong lad Every!) iv I have asked has'1''" In the tourney I " I a.vstired me he Kill give Hamev a great I Following the i:lrls' game the Olds. ! "Red" Cherry, former University of "glit. I have heard that Vaughn has mnln.c trophy for the state rliaminr;:-1 Michigan athlete, hit a three-and-two turned down chances to mix with thisshl' WH" presented to the team by 11. 'ball throu-'h short In the first ha'l of Akron lad. so mavbe we are better off I,c Hancrnft. Mrs 11 It. Harvey, and line fifth for the first base knock of : then at first" ; H-i ben Kipke of the .state loiiriiiiimnt, the game. He was later ferried homej Keliy was due to arrive Tuesday to '"inmittec. The men's trophy, also I from rhirri on I.s-lo -Sherman's unirlf to appear In some trainlllc bouts at the 'Vfn by the Ouls Motor Wo'ks, was Veterans' outdoor arena on Fast vuisniooue learn nv Orand River avenue, starting about 7 A tall, angular fellow, with an un-." clock. 1 he public was Invited to usual delivery. Archie Tarpoff proved j watch him in action. Kelly was train-in the tournament that he has no p.-cr mg lor a light with Bobb Parho In in the state. Four of the five games he, Chicago 011 Monririy night but I'acho pitched during the tournament were! was dj Brwj r itildn't appear 'HiLs left 1 won 978 924 37g 'right for the only run of the game. Mr. Kipkc and Selh Whitmore. state softball commissioner. Tarixiff was In better form on the last day of the meet than during Ins f.ist three games. He allowed but two hits Monday, and one of those was a York Monday'! Reaulls Detroit 6-5. Chicnco 1-0 St Io':is 4-2. t -eveland 1-7 Bost":i 9-.'. Wasli:nr':o:l 8-3 1 first i:a:i:r 11 innings, sr. ond came 13 M.l'.lSCS ' Ne York it Philadll Tuesday's (lames NV Y"rk at Phitarlelrhia ti S' I r ::s at O'.rlar.r! Oj.lv i;j;i.es iCi.tGuled. ram. Wednesdat'l (iamel on at Ph::afte:ri..a i2'. C'twr.'P'i at Ns Vprn St I.oi:;s nt VVasmngton. Ciie.ana at B.s.-ton, AMI RICAN AbSOlIATIOS Ey The A soc:ated Pressi Monday' Result! Monday's Result! St Louis 4-4. Pittsburgh 3-1 if'.rst game 16 innings, second game called end fifth, darkness 1 Chicago 3-2. Cincinnati 1-4. Boston-Brooklyn, rain. Philadelphia. New York. rain. Tuesdiy'i flames Philadelphia at New York i2-. Pittsburgh nt St Louis Only games schedu,ed Wednesday' (timet Nrw York at Cincinnati. Philadelphia nt Chicago. Bos'on nt St. Louis Klnly games scheduled ! CARDINALS BACK HOME FOR REST OF SEASON Harold Ktivkendall. Penr:a. Ill . 6S0 51. A. K-bert. on. Cleveland. O . 978 6 I.es. Nrlli. Tori). .to. e;t.t.. Cnad:, 974 7 M K Sn.lth. Washlnitton. I) C. 919 8 I)ix Oc.tlen. Cleveland, O. 96C. 9- Jc'in Vafi. East Lansing 964 Will. am Human, Yps!l..i.li. t'r4. 1 0 - F'lcl Klnnsi;lirv. PasKlaw. 963 11 - P llar'let: Cakarv. AIM . Canada. 948 12- H Try M. niancni.rd. Meraux La . S28. 13- 1' 111 O'Cci.n' 11 VV llov.fhtn. O. 909. 14 -Dan O'Conncil. Will-mnhby, O . 877. Miles Finl-hed 15- Pean Cameron. Ypsilantl. 456. lfr-Htb Ravi. Oveland. O. 355 Hill Bra:.dt. Cleveland. O . 3.'.5. 17 rurli.irrt l)u Clime. Iloy.il Oak. jn$. 18 Hei.r.v Re.s. 8rtirtw. 270 Jack Wi.t on. Ns.rthvllle. 270 19 Anson Van Fpps. Bstrle Creek. 238. 2 Martin Ei-er.haner. Sasir.aw. 2C1. 21-W. Yarmulh. 8.iSinaw. 62. Clai A Sidecar 1- Frank V.'er-!erlt"-h. Jr end Ed Krus-Kenl' S.l:lwauk"C. W,. . 943. 2-Martin Maul. Pasnc. N. Baumgras. Lar.sn.r. 779 3 Claude and James Gouldlng. Saginaw. 768. 4 .1 R. iDadi Srjce. V.'coster. O.. and, R. W Shrive.. Shre-.e. O. 5:9. Miles lini.hed j Mrs. mr ill:y nsn.son and William ; Bre.-n.ir. Satlnaw. 37F kv rin,t Tlv rVMcmnhll.. Kellv in flr.htino enxrittioei 4,.r h.c K,,i "JUU'-'U lllill'IO grOUIlOer 9o4 ,limger wa-s nui uiiuuiy eaciwu ovei iii.M j-e n.v. 982. :no-hit shutout victory over the1 . . I Vaughan Battery team as his tcam-j 'mates rushed forward to congratulate' him. J Incidentally, the Vaughan team has. 1 been the only team In the state that I has bec-n successful against the speed tall pitching of Tarp-.ff. The Battery cohorts heat h!m three times In league play and tied once. The Automakers gave them a sound trouncing In the district tournament, winning 11 to 1. Lad S'.ingerland, manager of the favored Var.Dervocrt Hardware girls' tram that was beaten in the seml- ! finals by City Transport, took the defeat of his charges good-naturedly ! "Did ou ever hear of a favorite et- J.. and Ray ting beat", was lad's terse reply to a fan who war.'ed to know the "inside" reason why Vans were eliminated. Leading Batsmen Pla-.er V '-.n:: lr.teri.a'!'.r.l Nes Ser.lce Amerlran l.earue ei-hrliC. N-s- York (ireen'jerg Ie:p :. , Cran.er, Pn.-Kie: ! Nalloi j Pliver Cl'ih V'aucr.an, P : t n-Med ' It a I Cut. New Yost e r :r a ?o Cii.cii,. fi AH R I! Pet i:s sa 71 it 347 us 'IS SI ',76 342 r.s t"' !-i :"! ?n '.-'8 S26 1"7 178 1'.2 538 31 180 .335 lal l.e.igue Ci Ail H PC 1:8 4:t:i :a 172 st 1.6 MS 111 ;n .3.0 126 411 97 1"0 314 irrfi S3 J2I te-1 V) 27(1 23 90 333 Lcma I PRO'S OPKM.RS ! The National league pro season open Prilcy night. Sept.-n.ber 113. with the Pittsburgh Pirates, pi-ilod by the new roach, Joe Each. The City Transport dugout was a 'At the Philadelphia Easi'S m cmto STr.e of wild r.lhl at'.rn when The .s Jiujii. f.r.al out was made. Flushed with v.-- Itecords Sparkle Oldsmobile riitia'ed nemlll'.'toll Rand of lienton H.irlvir. Cht vi-oli t of Suginaw and Vaughan bv 1-0 u on s, turned ba k C-isisumers of Hay Cltv. 6 to 0. and rolled over North Michigan, champions of Flint. II to 4 Cltv 1 ransport's record is erjuallv an Impre sue. Thev defeated Salburgn MTehants (if Bay City. 18 to . the Hint Fisher Hody t.-arp. "tie rf ti. favorites. li to 4. Vans. 9 10 7. and then Oldsmobile. 7 to 6 The teams were preparing Itiesdnv for their Invasion of Chicago hc.- thev will represent Muhhan In !,-, worlds t hampy.rsnit) tc.irr.amei.t of the Amateur Softball association tins v. e k-e nd. ) 0'filtr.'itll3e Is the sticri,..,r to the (luif It.iin.-r, of I :::.' . l;,st inca football champions. Chrysler of I)'fro. i,n the girls' title In 10::4. but I trclt trains lu ld a s' p;irate tout ; arret. t this year ar.d will send t hi ir champion to Chi- The :.!:ch:g.'.n t'-rrrory d-is. not 1. ',Vav:.e I'li.-.tv. I

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  1. Lansing State Journal,
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  • Oldsmobile Men and City Transport Girls Win State Softball Titles

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