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ARTILLERYMEN ARE OFF FOR CAMP GRAYLING LANSING BATTERIES ENTRAIN FRIDAY AFTERNOON AFTER WHOLE DAY OF BIG PREPARATIONS. BAND GOES ALONG Musician Accompany th Artillery-men for the First Time Since Its Organization Many Watch Marching Troopa on Way to Train. A scene of stirring activity, grimly suggestive of war time, yet pervaded by an irresistable picnic spirit, marked the preparations of batteries A and B, First Field artillery. Michigan National Guard, as they assembled at the armory, ITiday morning, to leave on the annual encampment at Camp Grayling. Spend Busy Forenoon. Each member of the battery was assigned to his team or his respective task as horses, guns and camp impedimenta were systematically gotten Into shape for shipment Baggage was loaded during the forenoon, and horses were broken to draught in the gun carriages and the boys made ready to leave for their encampment. Thfs afternoon, headed by the band, and astride their mounts in full military accoutrement, tho artillerymen proceeded in marching order from the armory to the Michigan Central depot, where the entraining took place. The special train is due to leave Lansing at 10 p. in. tonight and will arrive in Grayling at sunrise, Saturday. The encampment roster for Battery A will be made up of the following: Capt. Chester H. McCormick, First Lieut. Edwin Spies, Second Lieut. Fred G. Fuller. Second Lieut. Frank G. Cl'.addock. First Sergeant Earl H. Spencer, Quartermaster Sergeant Albert F. Witt, Stable "Sergeant Albert F. Crosby, Sergeants Ferdie M. Glll-inore. Adelbert A. Vandervoort, Harold M. Belt.. Glenn W. Carey, Oling G. Dryer and Carlton Hunter; corporals. Curl Miller, Wayne A. Cochrane, Carl Gloglofsky, Howard R. Winans, Donald M. Allen, Cecil E. Cook, Harry E. Deady, Eric Samann, Clarence Wheeler, Ira Emsberger, Floyd Loop. Ralph Porter; cooks, Floyd Nixon, Joseph J. Kelley, Harold Benedict: musicians. Ieville Sure-teaux: chief mechanic, Charles Ret-ter, saddles. Miles B. Pulling: mechanics, Thomas A. Arch, John Powers. Privates. Russell A. Alger. Clarence W. Alward. Avil Anderson, Herbert W. Barker, Bret K. Rassett. Harold D. Binkley. Cosmo G. Calkins, Harold 51. Campbell, Joseph Creyts, William O. Curtis, Joseph V. Davis, Harry C. Dotson, Ralph H. Dryer, Ieon J. Fairley. Clarence E. Fishell, Ralph K. French, Francis Fuller. Joseph L. Hewitt. Henry E. Hickman. Herman Hiel, James R. Hinkley, James His-cock, Ravmond Hoague, Hazen P. Hunter, Vrvine Hyde, Lewis F. Jour-wan. John F. Lindsay Clyde E. Loop. Clare Lundy, E. C. Manning, George R. Mitchell. Lawrence Mosier. Earl Muzzy. Ezra Parish, Elmer Parnie-ley. Floyd D. Perry, Fred A. Potter. Richard E. Powell, Fred O. Rossman. Ray W. Scott, Frank E Stoll, Henry (?. Strauer. Howard H. Schneeberger,' Ralph G. Strope, Jay P. Sweeney, Floyd D. Sweet, Joseph G. Tortu, Eric Welland, Richard Weiland. Frank H. Welling. Harold O. Wright. Ernest R. Wrook, Frank Van Haltren, Volney Yorce. Howard M. Yow, Lee F. Zu-felt. Band, chief musician, Carl II. Dewey; chief trumpeter. Fred E. Dettz; sergeants. Roy Moore. Charles E. Campbell, and Frank Lindsay; uorporals, Roy Supplee, Edward Tall-nian, Ben F. Moore; privates, Claud Ketcham, Henry Lyon, Frederick Getschakowsky, Stanley Keith. Jay Thorburn. Harry E. Rogers. Vilo Dean, J. Wiliam Smith, Walter Summers, Arthur Hammond. Ole Foerch, Arthur Hurhans, J. Julius Heller. Claud Lewis. Fred Gerke, Charles Putterille, Arthur W. Swift. Fred Burt and Zaoh Wilson. Battery B. Members. The personnel of Battery B fol lows. Captain Martin C. Clippert. First Lieutenant Donald M. Childs: First Lieutenant Frank P. Dunne-backe: Second Lieutenant Joseph H. lwis. Second Lieutenant Chester E. Boello,. First Sergeant John Clip-pert. Second Strgeant Carl Strasberg. Sergejinis. William Cortwright. Clarence Hoffman. Hugh Baumgrass. Harold Rurwick: Corporals Bertram Har-ratt. Otto Butts. Leslie Butts. Arthur Baxter, Dennis Ripley. Karl Hender-shott. George Montgomery. Ivan Swift; Musician Frank Gerginski: Cooks John Fitzgerald. Jacob Lybeit. George Butteis. Privates are R. J. Rurchtield. Ivan R. Bates. Lloyd J. Bushney. E. P. Brown. Roe Cortwright. Harvey Pay. I. eland Diltison, Clyde PeBar. Elmer Eager. William Fuller. Burr Holling. head. William Hathawsv. Carl Ham-hruch. Arcrue Hunt, Walter Haggert. Adolph Krosky. Edgar Hathaway. Er-gar Leonard. H. A. Moore. Floyd May. Walter May. F. A. Maxwell. Glen Moore. Frank Malloy. Frank Murlin. Allen McDonald. Harold Morningstar. LeRoy Jones. Allen Jacobus. Avery-Phillips. George Parish. Leon Prend-more. William King. Hazen Rutter. Harvey Scramm. Clifford Sheaford. Floyd Sampson. Walter Spinney. Arthur Wellman Carl Williams. Roger Waldo. ITnrol.f Woodman. Chester A. Watson. Chester E. Wonch. Renny Jones. Harold Clement, Ralph Atkins Officers of Battalion. Battalion officers for the First battalion are: Major Roy C. Yander-cook. commanding; Capt. and Adjt. L. King Caster: Second Litutenant and Quartermaster Robert M. Marsh. WANTS INJUNCTION PROCEEDINGS TRIED OUT IN THIS CITY Change of venue from Detroit to Lansing in tlu? injunction proceedings prohibiting the Michigan Cnited Traction company from crossing the Pere Marquette tracks at Hosmer st in the construction of the proposed Potter park street cur line will tie asked by the city. Mayor Reutter. Friday morning, asserted this would be the first action of the city in its fight against the court's order. This announcement was made by the city executive following a conference with J. W. Potter, donor of Potter park. The plan outlined is to ask traction company to seek the transfer. In the event that the company refuses, the city will probably as representatives of the state railroad commission, petition Judge Hosmer, who Issued the temporary injunction, for change of venue. "We desire to have the proceedings tried out in this city where we can watch it." declared Mayor Heut-ter. "We will take this matter up with the Michigan Vnited Traction company oiticials immed'ately. We believe that as the injunction affects the city and the transportation companies only at this point, the circuit court here is the proper place for the hearing." WISHART LEADS IN ELGIN RACE WITH FOREIGN CAR DK PALM A SKCOND AT Hl'MlKKIl MILK MARK WITH AMERICAN CMSK ON TRAIL TAI.Z-I.AFF WON FIRST BRl'SII. ELCIN. ILL.. Aug. 21. Ted Tetz-laff won the tirst brush of the automobile race for the Cobe trophy here today, beating Dearborn to llornbecks corner and rounding the turn ahead of him. The two were the tlrst of twenty to leave, the starting tape at 11:01 this morning, a crowd numbering at least 10,000 cheering the start. Four cars were missing from the lineup. Hurman's. Jessie Callahan's and J. C. Callahan's, while Bill Carl-Fon was mounted in the car which Tom Orr was to have driven. Hen-ning appeared at. the wheel of the machine which was to have been manned by Lutirell. At She end of the first hour the leaders in the race were: Driver. Laps. Time. Wish art 6 37:40 DePalma 0 39:40 Pudden 6 40:05 Wilcox 6 41:02 TetzlaiT 6 42:33

Clipped from
  1. Lansing State Journal,
  2. 21 Aug 1914, Fri,
  3. Page 12

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