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 - Mom, Sparrow help troops in Iraq keep cool The...
Mom, Sparrow help troops in Iraq keep cool The temperature in Rawah, Iraq, routinely climbs past 120 degrees these days. Add another 30 or 40 degrees degrees to the interior of Sgt. Larry VanderMolen's Stryker, a tank-like tank-like tank-like battle vehicle. It's no wonder VanderMo-len VanderMo-len VanderMo-len sent his mother, Julie Innes of Owosso, this urgent plea last week: PLEASE SEND ICE. Sgt. VanderMolen, who's 22, is a graduate of Owosso High School. He's a member of the Army's 172nd Stryker Brigade of the 23rd Infantry Regiment, in Rawah. In an e-mail e-mail e-mail home, VanderMolen asked his parents for disposable cold packs. The soldiers put them on the backs of their necks, on their wrists, under their John Schneider 377-1175 377-1175 377-1175 helmets wherever they'll fit in an attempt to keep their body temperatures down to a low broil. VanderMolen described a recent incident in which the driver of his Stryker passed out because of the heat. In an e-mail e-mail e-mail to me, Innes wrote: "This poor young man sits in the front of the Stryker, totally surrounded by steel, near enormous engines that continuously put out heat." All under a blazing desert sun. Request granted On a long shot, Innes called Sparrow Hospital to see if she could get the folks there to donate donate a few dozen of the chemically chemically activated disposable cold packs used at the hospital. Within 24 hours of Innes' request, hospital spokeswoman spokeswoman Lorri Rishar came up with 200 of them "All it took was a quick call to our materials department," Rishar said. "This was an easy way for Sparrow to support the troops in Iraq." Innes works at Lansing's Thoracic & Cardiovascular Institute. Institute. One of the doctors there James Zito overheard overheard Innes talking about the $135 cost for shipping the cold packs to Iraq and wrote a check for the whole amount. By Tuesday relief was on its way to Rawah. Innes wrote: "I realize that Sparrow is a large facility that gets hundreds of requests for donations every month. "Thank you from me and the 172nd Stryker Brigade for caring about my son and the members of his unit. The cold packs will help make a miserable miserable situation a little better. "I can't even begin to explain explain to you how wonderful this makes me feel." Are you listening? J.C. Cochran of Alaiedon Township wishes the people with the big speakers wouldn't feel so compelled to push them and their fellow motorists motorists to the limit: "It starts as a low rumble, building to a crescendo. "A thunderstorm on the horizon? horizon? No, just another pin-headed pin-headed pin-headed driver, their radio turned up to teeth-rattling teeth-rattling teeth-rattling volumes. "The fact that these self-centered self-centered self-centered individuals have no regard for others goes without saying. It is little solace that these duds will be partially deafbyage40. "I am certain there are laws. ' on the books which prohibit disturbing the peace, but are they enforced? . "What about the safety issue? issue? Could these drivers hear an emergency siren or a cry for help? Does this offend other other people or is it just me?" What do you think? Call John Schneider at 377-1175, 377-1175, 377-1175, send a fax to 377-1298 377-1298 377-1298 or e-mail e-mail e-mail

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