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 - a 1 Start Delaplane's POSTCARD 'BEER!' SAID THE...
a 1 Start Delaplane's POSTCARD 'BEER!' SAID THE PRIVATE A formal request reached me the other day to speak of beer. On checking with the bureau of standards, I find beer has twice the food energy of green beans. I never cared much for green beans anvwav. Well, I should ten you i wasa,"-. f checking the ac-2i J v tion In the CUtCZ S 'hotel in San Francisco when I ran into Mr. Herb Cerwin, our former coun sellor with the embassy In Rio de Janeiro. "Herbert,"-1 said, "this is 'an odd request What is your interest in the suds?" "Why, I am fond of beer," he said. "And as you will recall when I served the people and you were a slob of a newspaperman, many the chope of Brahma Extra we belted at Copacabana beach. "By coincidence," said Mr. Cerwin, "I am also press agent for the entire beer industry now. And If there is anything my masters like better than beer it is to read about it in the papers." "I wish I could do It" I said. "But brew is a sad part of my life and who would be interested." . a, "When I was polishing brass in the interests of America's water-borne commerce, we were partial to a Danish fixture called Tu-borg," I said. "Does it have to be a special kind1 of beer?" "Any kind of beer?" said Mr. Cerwin. "Was it good?" "Excellent I remember the second cook fell off the dock at Puntarenas after two bottles. "When I reached home after the cruise, I tried to duplicate this ' Danish ambrosia. These were days before Mr. F. D. Roosevelt said 3.2 percent alcohol was not alcoholic. "I bought a small home chemical set a crock and a bottle capper and set to work in the bedroom." "How did it turn out?" "I never tasted it" I admitted. "But it smelled good. The second day the bottles began exploding. They went off with a fearful bang at odd intervals. Sometimes in the middle of the night "I threw an old set of seat covers over them to keep the glass from flying into the bed. I remember the bedroom had a rather yeasty smell. When I smell yeast it makes me sleepy." "None of our beer explodes," said Mr. Cerwin patriotically. "You probably didn't let It work long enough' t "That is why I cannot speak of beer as you request" I said. "For there is hardly anything to say. - "There followed a period of drifting. From Schlitz to Bud-weiser. From Coors on draught to Goebels to Rheingold. I could not seem to settle down. "Sometimes I wanted just the kiss of the hops. Sometimes I wanted that extra dry, mild flavor. I was at loose ends." Mr. Cerwin nodded sympathetically. "And then?" "I felt that what I needed most in the world was the love of a good beer," I said moodily. "I experimented with Polar in -Caracas at $1 a smash. I blew the froth off San Miguel in the bamboo bar at Manila. I whistled for cold Heineken's in Curacao. For Carlsberg at Jimmy's In Hong Kong. I split a bottle of Hof-brau on a mountain top in the Austrian Alps. , "During the war, I drew my six-bottles-a-week" ration in New Guinea and conned returning flyers to bring In bottles of Bal-larat from Sydney." "Any preference?" said Mr. Cerwin professionally. "We drank it warm so I can hardly tell. I remember it was drunk to a song that began: The army's gone to hell, said the general' and. wound up 'Beer, beer, beer! said the private'.' ' "But you like beer," said Mr. Cerwin anxiously. "Beer, ale, bitter, stout" I agreed. "Guinness is good for you. But I hardly see what I can say about beer having nothing to say. However," I said, "I have just discovered that there is twice as much food energy in beer as there is in green beans. Did you know that?" "Why. no," said Mr. Cerwin. and a of in be of

Clipped from
  1. Lansing State Journal,
  2. 16 Mar 1955, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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