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LaDu - time fair performed up the As Gathered hy Earle...
time fair performed up the As Gathered hy Earle R. Pf Ml State Journal Staff Writer W ship and neighborliness. Doc Cum- Cum- mings officiated at tne nsn try, tne fish being cooked over one of those out-of-doors out-of-doors out-of-doors out-of-doors out-of-doors face scorchers found in the back yards of many Lansing citizens. Doc Munyon contributed all 15 pounds of the fish. In course of time Doc Cummings had the fish fried and the meal was ready. Now these are not our statistics, but they were compiled and made public by Doc Munyon. Five pounds of fish satisfied, so Munyon says, the members members of the families assembled for statercentlonvou Buessed itwaa noc be has hand are And to friend- ception you guessed it was Doc Breakey. Several times in order to meter Breakey's consumption of fish Doc Munyon had to threaten to cut off Doctor Breakey's right hand. This is the hand which Breakey uses for operating. Then - Munyon made threat of severing Breakey's left hand which Breakey was now using to spear fried fish. Even this didn't mean a thing to Breakey although the left hand Is his more important member as it is his collection hand, so to speak. The Breakey right hand cuts 'em up and the left hand col lects for the cutting. Doc Munyon rises up and takes oath that Doc Breakey et ten pounds of friend bass besides taking other sustenance. And the strange thing, says Doctor Munyon. is. that Doc BreaKey was able to stand, was con scious and evidenced no bulge at the waist line. If Munyon's report is truthful, then Breakey has made record exceeding Mr. Brandimore s by one and a half pounds. While Brandimore is somewhat humili ated by the Breakey record, Jay has om aiiDi. xi e poims out mac wnen he made his record which has stood for several years in this town, the club chef ran out or smelt. II com rade Brandimore had had sufficient supplies, he would have made a much higher consumption record. Eugene A. Dodd, head of the pur' chasing department for the . water and light department, has been of fered the choice of growing i larger arm or changing the material in the band that anchors his wrist watch. This seems a fair offer and the offer was made by Mrs. Dodd. Sam Young, known as he squire of Horse Creek since he moved into the coun t: Ernest D. Gibbs and Bert LaDu believe Brother Dodd is being of fered a perfectly fair proposition. In race tnev urge it, It seems that the four men and their bosses, motored north when gas became plentiful and took their urst real vacation in the land of their choice northern i Michigan. The four couples made headquarters ai Montague wnicn is located on beautiful White lake north of Mus kegon. For two weeks the Lansing gToup oi good mends, motored here and there, had poor luck with the fish and worse luck acquiring butter and Dacon. well, a good time was had by all. Given any kind of weather one may nave a good time in good old nortnern Michigan any summer. Like all vacationists the party delayed their start south to Lansine as long as possible. When they did decide to take off for the Capital city tnere was considerable hurry and confusion in packing. One of the most confused pacxers was Comrade Comrade Dodd. Comrade Dodd couldn t find his wrist watch and was having a fit as the watch cost nearly $2 and this price did not include the rubber band to which It was at tached. Well, like good neighbors, the gang all turned out to assist Mr, Dodd to find his time piece. Mrs, Dodd found it. She discovered it right on Mr. Dodd's person. The watch hadn't flitted very far from its usual anchorage. But the rubber had stretched and the watch, sort of feeling inclined .to saunter around, had worked up to Mr. Dodd's elbow. There a bump, hump or nodule which are sometimes found on the thinner males, barred the way and the watch couldn't crawl up to Mr. Dodd's shoulder which had probably been the inten tion oi tne ntue tune-Keeper. tune-Keeper. tune-Keeper. Now Comrade Dodd has the al ternative of buying a new rubber band for his faithful wrist watch, or grow a bigger arm. With food rationing off, Mr. Dodd may chose tne latter. S. Burr McCurdy. one of the old timers of our town and a veteran of the Spanish-American Spanish-American Spanish-American war, now thinks he has a clue. He disco v ered no clue, however, until his trusty bird dog took a hand or rather a paw in the mystery. Mr. McCurdy's ire was. aroused some time ago when he received an anonymous letter which, Comrade McCurdy claims, was enough to arouse any decent citizen to a rash neat. This letter was really a cartoon, a crude drawing which showed more imagination than skill. Subject of the cartoon was supposed to be Vet eran Mccurdy and his comrade, El mer Pulver. The two friends served together in the war with Spain and marcned out with the same regiment, regiment, so they have had a lot in common since 1898. The two foregather in the Ma sonic temple and reminisce about their military exploits, occasionally giving Uncle Sam's navy of the time. a snare in tne conquering of Spain Anyway tne subjects in the cartoon were supposed to be talking over the war with Spain. Title of the cartoon was, sort of mean. Gist of the reading matter under the cartoon was, that there will be nothing for Spanish American war veterans to talk about after the boys come home from World War No. 2, as veterans of this war are the only real heroes of any war since the war Detween tne states, etc., tc. Mr. McCurdy's initials are S. B. McCurdy. Somebody Mac now thinks he knows who addressed the envelope enclosing the pictorial siam to a. s. Mccurdy." Comrade McCurdv claims now that he has a clue and that his faithful bird dog has all the char acteristics of a bloodhound. The dog smelled the cartoon which was so rotten that the dog lost his sense of smell for 10 days. Recovering it, however, the dog now points to Ed Hue! and Morris Sherwood every time McCurdy takes the dog to the Masonic temple. And Mr. McCurdv is now convinced that the bird dog, now turned bloodhound, is pointing to tne rignc biros. Dodger Club on Train Which Hits Oil Truck MANHATTAN, 111.. Sept. 15 CUP) The engineer of the Wabash rail road passenger train to which the car of the Brooklyn Dodgers base ball club was attached, was killed today when the train struck. an oil truck. The oil. catching fire. sDraved

Clipped from
  1. Lansing State Journal,
  2. 16 Sep 1945, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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